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A Netizen Complaint About an Arrogance Priest

A netizen named Nikki Gonzales posted a complaint on her social media account expressing what she felt about an arrogant priest who doesn't perform a sacred ritual for the dead as long as all the people will not kneel down, including a disabled and a senior citizen.

I am a Bosconian and a Paulinian. Ever since, I always look up to priests. I respect them and some of them are even close to my heart. But there's this one priest in Bacong who I really want the church to remove or eliminate. I don't want to see him celebrate one more mass. Because he is a disgrace, a shame and a scandal to the Catholic church. That's why other religions will mock the catholic church because of these doings! Here's what happened...

Earlier this afternoon, my family and I went to Bacong to attend a burial mass and of course, a burial. The diseased is my late lolo (a Vindiola, on my father's side). Anyway, not all of us in our family is Catholic that's why they were just seated at the back. My uncle (a sheriff) is having arthritis on his both knees. And I also have an uncle (65 years old) who is disabled because of diabetes (his left leg got amputated and his right leg was affected of polio) and he's bringing with him his walker. He can't even walk and sit well.

Priest: (On a microphone) If dili tanan mu luhod, dili ko mu sugod.
(1st warning)

Priest: Usob, og dili tanan mu luhod. Dili ko mu sugod.
(2nd warning)

My aunt (non Catholic): Mangluhod ta.

Priest: (While looking at my two uncles who are standing up) og dili mu muluhod tanan, dili ko mu sugod.

(My uncle who was disabled, tried his best to bend using his polio leg. When we saw this, we were in shock and we felt like our hearts kay gikumot og kahilakon)

Priest: Ang dili mu luhod, gawas mong tanan!

Cousin: Dili ka kita ana father? Pungkol nang akong uyu-an!

Priest: Kabalo mn diay mong pungkol, ngano pman inyong gi kuyog?
(Everyone got chaotic and shocked. So we went out of the church and we cannot explain what we were feeling.)

After the mass he came out and we didn't expect that our whole family was affected of what he did to my uncle. We approached him and we tried to talk him out. We want him to apologize but he never did. Instead, he said: "I am a shepherd of this flock. I want you to show respect of this church." and my cousin answered, "no, father. What you did was very wrong. You've seen my uncle's condition. You are a wolf! You are a wolf of this flock! We don't even look at you as a priest anymore. We are just looking at a man who's just wearing a sutana!" and my aunt (non catholic) said, "we respect the catholic church so much. But what we've witnessed is that you are an embarrassment of the church. Were you trying to put my brother to an embarrassment because of his disability?"

It was a scandal, I admit. To find out that this priest was actually transferred from Siquijor. He was petitioned by the people because of his arrogance. And he is actually under observation by the bishop. So what can you say? And this is what he looks like. (photo attached)

As of this posting, the said complaint about an arrogant priest gathered more than 11k shares on Facebook.


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