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NAIA Thieves Strikes Again, This Time Latest Victim is an OFW from USA

Ninoy Aquino International Airport thieves strikes again, this time the latest victim is an OFW from the United States of American.

Under the Aquino administration, 'laglag bala' and other theft activities at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport are thriving, and it seems that nobody can stop those mother&@c#r$ of what they are doing... or maybe they are just taking their time before the President-Elect Rody Duterte assume his post.

According to netizen Jet Yan on his FB account. In the evening of June 17 at around 9:30, he went to NAIA Terminal 3 to fetch his clients which are balikbayan's from the United States that traveled through DELTA Airlines, US - Manila route.

Jet added, that upon arriving at the Bay 5 area to where his clients are waiting, he was welcomed by his clients asking sorry for the delayed because they are waiting for their luggage to comes out. However, when it finally went out, they have noticed that it's was already opened and damaged.

And instead of complaining, her client just accept the situation passed, and saying like, this is the way of life in the Philippines. Jet felt sorry and sad of what he just heard from his client.

He's hoping that his client will be the last victim of thieves at NAIA Terminal 3. And hopeful that this kind of abuse which victimized our OFWs will eventually STOP when the President-Elect Rody Duterte will begin his term as the President of the Republic.


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