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KFC India Launched Limited Edition Watt-A-Box Packages - Burgers and Fried Chicken Boxes with Built-in Mobile Phone Chargers

Famous fastfood chain Kentucky Fried Chicken in cities of Delhi and Mumbai has launched "Watt-A-Box," a limited edition 5-in-1 meal package. Watt-A-Box is an innovative KFC burger and fried chicken box with built-in mobile phone chargers.

With population of more than a billion, India is the world's second-largest market for smartphone users next to China. According to study last year, 220 million smartphone users in India spend an average of more than 2-hours a day on their smartphones.

“Each one of us spends a considerable amount of time on smartphones daily. And the phone battery going dead is almost like a nightmare! No longer is that the case, with the Watt-a-Box around.” - KFC India Chief Marketing Officer Lluis Ribot told The Times of India.
The limited edition Watt-A-Box are up for grabs only for lucky customers at selected KFC stores including winners of their online contest.

KFC Watt A Box - Limited Edition 5-in-1 Meal Box | #SabPeBhari


Viral Video: Female Student Molested by a Man Inside the Public Utility Vehicle

A young female student crying foul over a man who allegedly molested her inside a public utility vehicle. The said man, also a passenger 'accidentally' put his hands several times on the student's inner thigh. Seen on the video that gone viral online is the victim herself, Feline Dimatulac, an MIT student confronting the suspect.

On her Facebook account, the student expressed her feeling after she was 'accidentally touched' by the man.

This is scary. Can you imagine how you feel, if you're a woman molested by unknown man inside a Public Utility Vehicle surrounded by helpless passengers?

As of this writing, the viral video gathered more than 2.5 million views and 31k shares on social media sites.

NAIA Thieves Strikes Again, This Time Latest Victim is an OFW from USA

Ninoy Aquino International Airport thieves strikes again, this time the latest victim is an OFW from the United States of American.

Under the Aquino administration, 'laglag bala' and other theft activities at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport are thriving, and it seems that nobody can stop those mother&@c#r$ of what they are doing... or maybe they are just taking their time before the President-Elect Rody Duterte assume his post.

According to netizen Jet Yan on his FB account. In the evening of June 17 at around 9:30, he went to NAIA Terminal 3 to fetch his clients which are balikbayan's from the United States that traveled through DELTA Airlines, US - Manila route.

Jet added, that upon arriving at the Bay 5 area to where his clients are waiting, he was welcomed by his clients asking sorry for the delayed because they are waiting for their luggage to comes out. However, when it finally went out, they have noticed that it's was already opened and damaged.


Philippine Embassy, These OFW Needs Your Immediate Help!

A netizen known as Inkheart Juanitas Vergara posted a video of a confused OFW, whom according to the Kuwait airport porters, the lady has been wondering in airport for 3 days.

On the video, the said OFW seems not in her right mind, and she even doesn't know her name and the reasons why she's staying in the airport. But when asked why she's in the airport, her answer is she's waiting for someone. These Kabayan needs an immediate help from our Embassy so that she can be taken care of, and probably given an extra attention so that she can safely back home with her family in the Philippines.

Hopefully, this video will reach the Philippine Embassy so that they can assist her situation. As of this posting, it's been gathered 198,374 views.

Unreleased 500 President Marcos Peso Bill

The truth behind the unreleased 500 President Marcos peso bill.

According to the banknote designer, Romi MananQuil, the Marcos 500 peso bill was supposed to be issued along with the rest of the New Design Series in 1985. However due to political circumstances, the said banknote never released into circulation.

Designed on 1985, the first 500 peso bill has bearing the image of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, while seen on the back are images of San Juanico Bridge, Angat Dam and the Batasan Complex.

To learn more about the unreleased 500 Marcos peso bill, watch the video below.

via limitedtrends

Prayer Timings in Kuwait During Ramadan

Prayer timings in Kuwait during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is the holy month of the Islamic religion wherein people give each other time for introspection and peacefulness. 
In Kuwait, Muslims observe a strict rule which everyone must follow. For example, during Ramadan, all establishments which offer drinks and foods must not operate during the Ramadan period, although some food retailers, like supermarkets are sometimes open. 
In case an establishment is caught serving food during daytime, it would be forced to be closed for two months. Also, drinking and eating in public is strictly prohibited. 
Anyone that would be caught will be put in jail for at least one month. These rules apply even stricter on expatriates. Fellow kabayan in Kuwait need to be aware of these things in order to avoid getting into trouble.