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Modus at the NAIA Found Another Way on How to Milk the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)

It seems that the modus operandi group that operates in NAIA Terminal 3 are still alive and kicking. Like a humongous crocodile that just woke up and very hungry, ready to attack any unsuspicious victim.

After the notorious "Tanim-Bala" / "Laglag-Bala" modus that put the Philippines on the world's limelight (and one of the world's worst airport), here comes another creative idea on how to milk the OFWs - thanks to the creativity of those scalawags personnel that works at the immigration.

The modus goes like these; If you're an OFW and just arrived / (for departure), the immigration will tell you that you need to get a "Certificate of not the same person" at their Intramuros office, because there's a person on their "watchlist" that has the same identity/name of yours.

If you just arrived, then you are lucky because you have enough time to go to their office and get important papers - (Certificate, NBI clearance, Affidavit of Denial, etc..). However, if you are for departure and you don't have time to get those papers from their office, then you have no other option but to pay the sum that they will tell you.

So if you're planning on your next vacation to the Philippines, make sure that the next day upon arrival, you have to update your papers first to avoid any hassle at the immigration when it's time for you to return to work.

It's more fun in the Philippines!

Here are some of their experience at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport  Terminal 3 (NAIA - T3)

Sa mga OFW na uuwi ng pinas. Kung pag pasok nyo ng pinas at sinabi ng immigration na may kapangalan kayong nasa watch...
Posted by Rocky EJ on Thursday, November 12, 2015


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