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Filipino Soldier Experience Discrimination in his own Country

Boracay Island, Philippines. It's already 2016 yet discrimination still exists not only in western world, but also in developing country like the Philippines. And the victim is not an ordinary citizen, but a soldier who's willing to depend and die for his own country.

A Filipino soldier known as Lieutenant Ryan Layug posted on his Facebook page that a supervisor of the Discover Boracay Hotel in Kalibo International Airport denied him from checking in and avail the VIP Lounge.

Below is the original text of Lt. Layug posted on social media.

Calling All Filipinos and the Government. At 10pm of January 1, 2016 I was refused to check-in and avail the VIP Lounge at the Discover Boracay building in Kalibo International Airport that cost Php300 saying they only accept South Koreans. I am to avail of the service because my flight is at 5am going to Cebu.

In photos below, I approached the lady Filipina Staff at the cashier where inquiries and payment are made. 
Me: Ms I'd like to use …