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Viral: A Lady from Hell Caught on Video

Warning: The video below is NOT for faint-hearted.

I feel pain in my heart upon seeing the video below. Couple of small kids tortured and abused by a lady. I don't know if the said lady on the video is their mother, or it's actually Satan himself disguise as a woman, but I know there's a monster inside that human body.

Whichever country she came from, I hope the authorities saw this video and let the culprit suffer in jail.

The viral video was posted on Facebook last December 27, 2015 by Rahima Alqubaisi.

Video: Two Little Kids Run Over by a Car

WARNING: This video may be disturbing for some viewers.

Surveillance cameras along a street in Guangde county in China’s Anhui Province, caught a rather surreal scene recently. Two kids were run over by a car while they were squatting down to tie their shoes on street. The boy stood up without any injuries and the girl was pulled out by pedestrians and sent to hospital. Luckily, except for some multiple abrasions on the little girl’s body, she suffered no injuries from the accident.

Parents always keep your little kids safe... and should teach their little kids not to tie their shoe strings in the middle of the street.

via CCTV