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OFW Killed by Compatriot in UAE

United Arab Emirates: Local media reported that a Filipino worker was murdered by a compatriot.

Police received the information of the incident at around 7:20am last Tuesday, August 11, 2015 
The suspect is a 40-year-old Filipino national, identified as JO, and has been arrested by Sharjah Police on the charge of killing KT, a 60-year-old fellow Pinoy.
According to police report, the suspect hit the victim with a piece of meta, following their argument last Tuesday in a labor camp in Sharjah's Industrial Zone No.7
The accused escaped and immediately fled to Dubai to seek treatment of his injured hands caused by the piece of metal that he'd used to kill the victim.

Within three hours of the crime, the suspect was arrested in a clinic in Dubai, and had confessed that he killed his fellow Pinoy because of their differences.
According to Colonel Ibrahim Misbah, Director of Criminal Investigation, the accused was planning to hide in Dubai before trying to flee the UAE.
The remains…

Video: Couple Robin and Mariel Lose Their Babies

Lovely couple Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez lose their triplet babies. On Robin's Youtube account, he posted.
Aug 12,'15 Wed 6:30 pm i would like to inform the good public that my wife suffered a miscarriage

Below is the official statement from Betchay Vidanes, Robin Padilla's manager.
[via ShowbizNest]

Cebu Pacific Crew Allegedly Steals Cash from Chinese Passengers

Cebu Pacific flight attendant allegedly steals Yuan bills from Chinese passengers.
Facebook user Henry Wong posted some pictures along with the story and the handwritten testimony of the passengers, that an allegedly male flight attendant having caught stealing money from several Cebu Pacific Air passengers.

Passengers of Cebu Pacific Air Flight 5J52 bound from Philippines' Boracay Island to mainland China smells something fishy when crew required them to pull down the window shields all the time, and to put all their hand carry bags including smaller sling bags overhead, with the exemption of children's bags.

Slightly wet RMB¥100 bills were recovered by the airport police in the lavatory's garbage bin, while more than a dozens of Yuan bills are already flushed down the toilet.

Most passengers suspects that the whole crews of the Cebu Pacific Air Flight 5J52 were involved in this probably 'new modus operandi', because other flight attendants including the air ma…