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7 Important Points Why Binay is Not A Good President (From the Original "Why I Will Not Vote For Jojo Binay by Nathaniel von Einsiedel)

I will share this 'must read' article that I'd stumbled from the FaceBook page of veteran actress and comedian, Ms. Cynthia Patag.

Sharing the blog of a well-respected urban planner who has known VP Binay for a long time. ~ Charlie A. Agatep
WHY I WILL NOT VOTE FOR JOJO BINAYBy Nathaniel von Einsiedel

The recent columns of Randy David and Sara Soliven de Guzman in the major dailies give us a pretty good picture of what a Binay presidency would be like -- it will be a disaster. The problem, however, is that the average Filipino does not read or understand their analytical writings. Anyway, I agree with them a hundred percent, not just because I believe in their analysis, but because I had worked directly with Binay in the past and, therefore, have personal knowledge of how he thinks and does things. And it is based on this that I will not vote for him come 2016.

I have known Jojo Binay personally since we were in college at UP Diliman. He was a fraternity broth…

Swedish Girl Sold Everything and Make the Philippines Her New Home

Sanne Sevig, the Swedish national who sold everything and make the Philippines her new home.

In Sweden, Sanne had a very hectic schedule. She worked as project manager of a clothing company in Stockholm while taking up Neuroscience and Positive Psychology at the University of Skövde. And at the same time, she also managing her own company and doing lectures all over Sweden.

Traveling to the Philippines isn't not on her agenda until one day.
"I was at a bus stop and it was 30 degrees below zero. My car had broken down and I did not feel my toes. Then I thought – I don’t give a shit about Sweden," she told to ettannatliv.

Then followed by an accident that pushed her to make a life-changing decision.
"I fainted in my car and drove off the road. Luckily, I suffered no physical injuries as a result of my accident. The day after, I quit my job and wrote on Facebook that I had decided to move abroad, and wondered if someone had something they could recommend. I got t…

Arrested Beggar in Kuwait has Half Million Kuwaiti Dinar in the Bank

Kuwait: The blessed month of Ramadan is a very special month, it is a month of generosity, sharing and giving. And also a good time for some beggars in Kuwait to take advantage. Although begging in Kuwait is not acceptable, but still some people doing it during the month of Ramadan.

Mostly, these beggars position themselves near places of worship, like Mosques and other places where rich and wealthy people frequently pass by.

Recently, the Kuwait's Ministry of Interior has caught and arrested a stateless man for begging all over Ahmadi. Earlier, the beggar said that he had no home and money, but after the Police interrogation, he claimed hat he had KD 500,000 in his bank account (that's more than $1.6 Million US dollar!) And he got all that money just through begging.


Alleged Scandal Video of ABS-CBN Child Actress Andrea Brillantes Circulating Online

An alleged scandalous video of ABS-CBN child actress Andrea Brillantes gone viral.

Andrea Brillantes, Anndrew Blythe Daguio Gorostiza in real life is a famous child actress known for her role as 'Annaliza' - a popular Philipine television drama series.

Netizens and avid fans of Andrea were upset upon viewing the alleged scandal video of the twelve-year-old Kapamilya child actress. But they know-by-heart that the girl on the said viral scandal video is not the real Andrea Brillantes. And the scandalous video was fake and just edited by video expert whose trying to destroy the popularity and wholesome image of the child actress.

Some netizens says that the alleged scandal video clip was leaked from her mobile phone, which was stolen by someone and those uploaded the said scandalous video of her, although it's not yet proven.

Andrea Brillantes Television Appearances
Goin' Bulilit - Children Comedy ShowAlyna - DramaE-BoyWansapanataymAnnaliza - Drama SeriesAndrea also appe…