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Giant Circular Saw Pierced into a Running JMC Vehicle

The driver of a JMC SUV had an early death experience, when a giant circular saw fall off from a pick-up truck and pierce into the front of his 4x4 vehicle.

The huge saw broke loose from the pick-up on the opposite lane that carrying the giant rusted metal saw after its driver lost control of his vehicle and slammed it into the road's median barrier.

The accident happens in one of Chongqing's highway, southwest of China.

[source: trendinginchina]

Video: OFWs Destroys NFC Chip on their Smart Phones after Viewing Misinformed Viral Video

Never trust what you just saw on the internet, make your own research.
After making rounds on social media, a viral video where Filipinos, which in my opinion are also OFWs are opening a Samsung smartphone. These guys are giving instructions on how to open the battery and removing a "spy chip," - a chip they think is the main culprit to jeopardize your privacy. A chip that must be destroyed, so that your personal information and videos are safe and not being harvested and shared on the internet.

I'm not sure if those guys are techie or not, but I'm pretty sure they did not know what they are doing. What they're saying on the video is, if you don't destroy those spy chip on your smartphone batteries, then your privacy will disclose on strangers. Sounds legit?

But the truth is... they are misinformed. 

What they actually did was destroying the NFC chips in their smartphones, which is attached to the batteries of the latest model of smart phones that available i…

India - The latest victim of Fake 'Plastic' Rice that made from China

China is famous not only in terms of mass production and low quality products, but they are also famous on imitating high-end brands -- from fashion to automobile. Even the smallest insect on earth, I bet they can duplicate them.

Some factories in China produced fake eggs and veggies, and now they even make and export fake rice. Yes, you read it right - FAKE 'Plastic' RICE that made in China. And their latest victims are people in some part of India.
[Video from Mathrubhumi News]