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An Open Letter to Justice Secretary Leila Magistrado de Lima

From a netizen that annoyed, irked and pissed, peeved baffled by Secretary Leila De Lima's big mouth...

An Open Letter to Sec. Leila De Lima

Annoyed. Irked. Pissed. Peeved. Baffled. Shall I go on? The lists of my thoughts are endless. Just to give you an idea Madam Secretary, I wanted to use a glue gun to zip your mouth, your big mouth for that matter. You talk too much and yet do little. Am I wrong?
Oh I can sense eloquence, your diction is very good to the point that every time you open your mouth and talk even the poor Juan Dela Cruz would cower knowing they'll get internal hemorrhage with the vast knowledge you possess. Even then, as I write this I am pretty sure you'll find faulty prepositions, subject-verb agreement lapses and technicalities here and there. But, I'll gamble. Just to let you know that I am annoyed too.. My annoyance to the point that I felt the dire need to redeem the very pride I have for our city mayor.

My admiration to a good mayor weren't baseless. In fact, you can work your big mouth for a hundred years but you can never reach half of what Mayor Duterte has accomplished over the years. In your case, a hundred years of more talk but no results. Let me tell you why then...The very law you are trying to uphold has loopholes. It is only for the rich, the eloquent, the powerful and the affluent. Justice will never be served in a silver platter for those destitute, impoverished, indigent, oppressed and poverty stricken individuals.

Isn't it that under your term, Ampatuan bailed himself out? Am I wrong in remembering that it is also under your term that drug lords created a paradise in Bilibid? Those criminals were sitting right under your nose and you turn a blind eye just because you spend more time talking than doing? How about those 44 SAF commandos that were killed in line of duty because of indecisive leaders treating them like a pawn in a cornfield? Were they given justice? You have a lot of files to read and yet you have enough time to express your annoyance to the only leader that saved and raised the very life in Davao from a known war zone that it was before to being one of the safest city in the world?

Do I need to enumerate why Duterte's name became a byword here in Davao and even in international countries? Nah, that would be useless for you. After all, you are only seeing a shallow picture. You have too much democracy in your brilliant mind that you ceased to think instilling the very importance of discipline.

I live in Davao without fearing of being killed,robbed or worst raped even if I went home wee hours of the night. I can ride PUV's without getting second hand smoke. I can safely walk in dark corners and alleys in Davao without cowering in fear for the possibility of criminals lurking in the dark. I feel so safe riding taxi's in airports and get my exact change. I have tried calling 911, a free service we have in Davao which is in Davao only by the way apart from USA and Canada when my cousin's wife had miscarriage. I can even drink water directly from the faucet without putting my kidneys in jeopardy. I feel so safe knowing that our mayor even at night when we are asleep is busy driving taxi's so he'd know we are safe, whether police officers are doing a good job and are awake, which road projects are ongoing and what not.

He is the very same mayor that would go out of his vehicle to be a traffic enforcer when there's no one around and a traffic jam is happening. The very same mayor that would offer a ride to mother and child soaked in heavy rain when all taxis wouldn't take them to Catalunan as the road is no longer passable.

Shall I continue, Madam Secretary? Isn't he admirable? Or are you still annoyed? I'll make it easier for you then...Can you cite to me a local leader that has ever reached even an iota of what I just mentioned? 
Don't bother then...You are just like them, a hypocrite. I would rather admire a leader that worries so much for the safety of his people than worrying over the possibility of PH becoming a laughing stock in the international community. That should be at the very least of your worries.

I think it is high time to ask yourself this: Are your ways of obtaining justice that effective? You always do it by the book. Probably, That's because you didn't live in streets. Well honey, let me remind you... We live in a cruel world. The very laws you are upholding won't redeem a dying nation. We are all fed up to the point of almost losing the very hope of seeing a better Philippines. We keep coming back to the very same crossroad again and again. We are never moving forward.

I value life. We all do. But are you willing to save one life to risk a multitude? Have you ever thought that perhaps this democracy we have is the very same thing that makes us soft to criminals? rapists? pushers? drug lords? Killing is killing, no matter what. Yeah, right. Damn right! But, at least he is defending the defenseless. The ways maybe deviant or extreme to law savvy like you but you can never question the positive results.

If endorsing him would be tantamount to advocating extrajudicial killings to bring peace, security and prosperity I'd gladly do, Madam Secretary. After all, I am no hypocrite. You are! In fact, your office allowed to release a Filipino mayor that killed a number of journalists and dig a mass grave all because of political reasons. Did I hear you rant because of that? Were you even annoyed then as compared to your annoyance now?
Oh, sorry I had spelling lapses. I seemed not to know that i misspelled hypocrite wrong. It should be D-E-L-I-M-A.

Give my old thug a break. He's even refusing the presidential bid. What's with this demolition job? Enough.

Ang Gisapot sa Imuhang Baba.

The said open letter for Sec Leila De Lima was published on Facebook by Bella Pajaron, dated 26 May 2015. And as of this posting, it is shared more than 7,700+ on social media by netizens.


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