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An Open Letter to Justice Secretary Leila Magistrado de Lima

From a netizen that annoyed, irked and pissed, peeved baffled by Secretary Leila De Lima's big mouth...

An Open Letter to Sec. Leila De Lima Annoyed. Irked. Pissed. Peeved. Baffled. Shall I go on? The lists of my thoughts are endless. Just to give you an idea Madam Secretary, I wanted to use a glue gun to zip your mouth, your big mouth for that matter. You talk too much and yet do little. Am I wrong? Oh I can sense eloquence, your diction is very good to the point that every time you open your mouth and talk even the poor Juan Dela Cruz would cower knowing they'll get internal hemorrhage with the vast knowledge you possess. Even then, as I write this I am pretty sure you'll find faulty prepositions, subject-verb agreement lapses and technicalities here and there. But, I'll gamble. Just to let you know that I am annoyed too.. My annoyance to the point that I felt the dire need to redeem the very pride I have for our city mayor.
My admiration to a good mayor weren't …

Thai National in PH who called Filipinos 'Pignoys' Faces Deportation Charges

Living and working in the Philippines for three years, Thai national Prasertstri Kosin also known as Koko Narak on social media faces deportation.

Koko Narak allegedly calls Filipinos "pignoys," stupid creatures," "a useless race," "low-class slum slaves," and useless race in this world." He also said that "Filipinos are not fit to work in the office, admin.. and working as maid, toilet licker seem fit you better.

Even the fastfood giant, Jollibee did not spared in Koko's insult, as he said that it will go bankrupt in just 3 months if it opens in Thailand. Because Thai people will never lower their tongue into stupid taste food.

Prasertstri is currently working in Cognizant Philippines and holding a special non-immigrant visa. Officials at the Bureau of Immigrations issued a deportation charge for undersirability against Prasertstri Kosin. His visa will eventually cancelled if he is determined to be undesirable. Kosin also been informe…