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Filipino Nanny Teach Kuwaiti Kids to Speak and Sing Tagalog Songs

Contrary to beliefs of most Filipinos back home, working in the Middle East is not always 'a walk in the park,' especially if you are working as a household helper. Almost everyday you saw them on the news and other social media sites asking for help. Overseas Filipinos that work for longer hours, so that they can send money to the Philippines to support their family, OFWs that are abused physically and mentally, and even tortured by their soul-less employers.

Countless household workers choose to jump from high buildings just to escape from their abusive employers, the fortunate ones are alive with broken bones and dreams, while the unfortunates are sealed in boxes and send back home.

The good news is, some household helpers found good employers too. Employers that treat them like a family members. Living in a house like a big family.

And here's a video of a nanny that not only teach the children on how to respect, but also teach them to speak and sing songs in Filipino (Tagalog), her native language.



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