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Video: Mermaid Allegedly Seen at the London Beach Resort in General Santos City

A viral video of a mermaid allegedly seen at the London Beach Resort in General Santos City.

The mermaid video was uploaded on Facebook last April 28, 2015 by a certain Jovelyn Balinas. Although she's not the one who took the said video but she insisted that she was there, and she saw the mermaid with a long white hair.

On social media, some people commented that what they saw on London Beach was a big fish known as Dugong, but Jovelyn and her cousin stick on their statement that it really was a mermaid. As of this posting, the mermaid video from GenSan garnered more than two million views.

According to a dictionary;
A mermaid is a fictitious or mythical half-human sea creature with the head and trunk of a woman and the tail of a fish, conventionally depicted as beautiful and with long flowing golden hair.
You can watch the mermaid video below.

#omg isang serina sa lond0n beach.tgnan ninyo.
Posted by Jovelyn Balinas on Monday, April 27, 2015
What do you think?

Famous Adult Film Star Maria Ozawa is in the Philippines as Guest on BNO Radio Show Anniversary

Japan's most famous adult film icon, Maria Ozawa is in the Philippines for a radio guesting. The Japanese-Canadian star will be guesting on Magic 89.9 Boys Night Out during (BNO) on the radio show's 9th year anniversary.

Maria Ozawa entered the studio Monday, April 27 at 8 p.m. Everyone inside the studio is going gaga over the Japanese beauty, taking pictures with her before she'll going live on-air.

Some pictures of Maria Ozawa along with DJs who shared there photos with here on social media.
Live on @boysnightout899 .. In the flesh.. The one and only @maria.ozawa! #brrr #alamNa #ManyakMonday A photo posted by Sam YG (@_samyg) on Apr 27, 2015 at 5:49am PDT
Testosterone Levels 💦💦💦. "Mukahang Maria Clara yun pala Maria Ozawa" @boysnightout899 #mariaozawa #bno #ManyakMondays #magic899 A photo posted by (@djtonytoni) on Apr 27, 2015 at 1:20am PDT
Father pls forgive me for the sins I'm about to make! On Philippine Radio the wrist breake…

Arranged Marriage in the Philippines - Maranao Tribe Tradition

In the Philippines, especially in some part of Mindanao, arranged marriage is acceptable and still practice by few tribes as part of their tradition, and the Maranao tribe is one of them.

In Maranao tradition, aspiring young grooms and brides entered into marriage that set-up by their parents rather than each other. A young girl and boy will have a marital union in which both are selected and arranged by their parents, sometimes without their knowledge.

However, the newly married young couple will not live in the same roof, but instead remain under the care and supervision of their respective parents until they are both matured enough and ready to live as husband and wife. Unlike the arranged marriage in other countries like Yemen, Afghanistan and other African region, where old men married young girls and living with them even if they are still kids and not yet in their puberty period.

more picture [link]

Japan's Conveyor Belt for Sushi to Deliver Efficient Service

Japanese creativity and technology didn't fail to amaze me, from underground bicycle parkings to conveyor belt for sushi. Even in food, from an ice cream made of wasabi to a weird looking black burgers.

The conveyor restaurant on the video belongs to a major conveyor sushi chain in Japan with more than 300 restaurants around the country.

The cutting edge Japanese conveyor belt restaurant can serve 196 customers with less than 50 staffs, and it has no chef, and almost done without human interaction. Even washing the dishes are done automatically. The huge dishwashing machine wash can wash more than 1800 plates an hour. Clean plates are efficiently deliver to the kitchen using another conveyor belt system.

Watch the video and learn on how efficient the Japan's sushi conveyor belt system works.

Toddler Woke Up and Says, The King is Coming!

A toddler named Lily caught on video woke up at the middle of the night, pointing above and saying that something is coming, the King is Coming!

The video was posted by Sarvesh Racktoo last February 24.

Lily’s mother, Chelsea, explained: 

At midnight (hours before this video was taken) Lily woke us up, knocking and talking at her door. She was saying, with urgency, "Something's coming! Something's coming!" She elaborated on her dream vision later in the day. I managed to catch this video.

At 18 seconds after I take out her paci and I say "what?" she says, "The King." It also sound's like she says "Abba up, push you up" and "join Abba up" several times. You can't make this stuff up! I didn't teach her this. Excuse the poor angle, I was attempting to sneakily turn on and hide the camera. At the end, she bows 3 times...the number God uses for confirmation. The next day, she brought it up again (while I was getting her b…

Victim lost his iPhone6 Plus, P15k Cash and Cards on Thief

Thief caught on the video while stealing victim's iPhone 6 Plus and wallet. Nowadays, Salisi gang and thieves are prevalent and very aggressive, even in malls with CCTVs and watchful eyes of security guards, they're attacking in plain sight. They are not afraid anymore, even there's alot of people around.

The incident happened in SM San Lazaro Shopping Mall while the victim known as Ranet Manalastas II playing a game ball at the said mall's gaming arcade. The victim lost his iPhone6 plus mobile and his wallet that contains P15 thousand pesos and cards.

Quoted from Ranet Manalastas’ post on his FaceBook account:
Nangyari to March 7 2015.. Sm San Lazaro World of Fun
Ako yung nakawhite shirt na naglalaro sa right side- lower part.
Baka lang may nakakamuka sa magnanakaw.. alam ko kasalan ko na naglagay ng phone and wallet habang naglalaro.. I never thought na yung mga pinapanood ko lang sa tv eh mangyayari din pala sakin… But still Id like to take the chance na baka nga …

Viral: Music Video of the Filipino Nanny that Sings Tagalog Songs with her Employer's Children

She did it again... No! it's not Britney, it's Super Nanny!
After the video of a household worker and her employer's children singing Tagalog songs together was gone viral, here's the other music video of Nanny Wanna aka Engier Ahsey Nalla - the super nanny.

Napakahirap sagutin ang tanong ng kantang ito...Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako???Please try to watch my New Music Video#wannaseries#mahalakoomahalako#musicvideo#crazywanna#emoterangkatulong#starmusic
Posted by Engier Ahsey Nalla on Sunday, February 22, 2015 Watch the video of the Filipino nanny with her employer's children speaking and even sang tagalog songs such as 'Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako" and "Pusong-Bato", they're just casually sing and having fun. Overseas Filipino workers around the world are creative of doing stuff to suppress and forget their number one enemy - the homesickness.

Viral Video: Eaten Alive by Big Snake / Anaconda

An experiment of how a big snake or anaconda eats her prey alive. A guy named Paul of #EatenAlive volunteer to wear a metal suit and make himself as bait, putting himself in a deadly situation. Watch the breath-stopping the viral video 'till the end and learn how snake squeeze their food slowly before swallowing.

Warning: Don't emulate what you will see on the video, they are done by a team of experience professionals who conduct studies about snakes and their habitat.

The viral video was posted by Hadiguia Alilaya last 19 December 2014.

Filipino Nanny Teach Kuwaiti Kids to Speak and Sing Tagalog Songs

Contrary to beliefs of most Filipinos back home, working in the Middle East is not always 'a walk in the park,' especially if you are working as a household helper. Almost everyday you saw them on the news and other social media sites asking for help. Overseas Filipinos that work for longer hours, so that they can send money to the Philippines to support their family, OFWs that are abused physically and mentally, and even tortured by their soul-less employers.

Countless household workers choose to jump from high buildings just to escape from their abusive employers, the fortunate ones are alive with broken bones and dreams, while the unfortunates are sealed in boxes and send back home.

The good news is, some household helpers found good employers too. Employers that treat them like a family members. Living in a house like a big family.

And here's a video of a nanny that not only teach the children on how to respect, but also teach them to speak and sing songs in Filipino…