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Super Typhoon Maysak / Chedeng May Hit the Philippines on 1 April 2015

Super Typhoon Maysak (local name Chedeng) may hit the Philippine Islands first week of April after creating havoc in the Micronesian island Chuuk State. Maysak now a Super Typhoon with maximum sustain wind of 180kph and a gusting wind up to 240kph (JMA).

The super typhoon Maysak may landfall in Luzon this coming Saturday, 4th of April 2015. Meteoroogists warned that the ST Maysak that reportedly left several casualties in Micronesia was building into a super typhoon as it swept across the central Pacific and headed towards the Yap group of islands and the Philippines.

Underground Parking Systems for Bikes in Downtown Japan

In terms of technology, no doubt that Japan is way top of the list. From nanotech gadgets to robotic machines, Japanese technology is awesome. And here's another one for bike fanatics. An extremely impressive way on how to park your bike in downtown Japan.

The underground bikes parking in Japan is very futuristic. A creative idea that solved the the space problem in Tokyo, Japan.

Wish Japan will bring the underground parking systems to the megapolis around the world, especially in the Manila, Philippines where traffic is extremely bad.


Salutatorian Speech Interrupted by School Authorities goes Viral Online

Quezon City, Philippines: A video of a high school student from Sto. Nino Parochial School in QC, Krisel Mallari goes viral. Mallari was interrupted by the emcee while she's delivering her graduation address, which was different from the one that approved by the school authorities. Seen on the video is the emcee walk slowly beside Krisel and took the microphone to end her speech, however, Mallari continue even the school admins trying to stop her. After delivering her speech, Mallari walk away from the stage as school authorities approached her.
I am Krisel Mallari, a Filipino citizen who would rather choose to fail with honor, than win by cheating. Adios!
Interviewed by ABS-CBN News, Krisel said that her speech was about in their school's allegedly cheating incident, and her speech was not approved by school authorities. According Katherine, Krisel's sister, Sto. Nino Parochial School was not able to produce her sister's grades computation before the graduation rite…

Dust Devil (Ipo-ipo) Captured on Video in Albay School

Albay: A dust devil was captured on video by a teacher from Ligao National High School in Albay, Bicol Region.

According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) and other expert, dust devils, same as the one seen on video are harmless, as long as it will not grow bigger where it can destroy both people and properties.

Moreover, dust devil or Ipo-ipo are comparable to tornadoes if it goes larger.

The original video was captured on mobile phone and uploaded on FB by Wengee Apuli.

[video link]

3 Richest Real Estate Tycoons in the Middle East

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - 16 March 2015: Saudi Arabia’s Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud is the Middle East’s richest real estate tycoon, according to the 2015 Forbes Billionaires List. A member of the Saudi royal family, he is one of three businessmen from the region with significant interests in real estate worth an estimated $US 1 billion or more.

Global real estate network Lamudi takes a closer look at the property portfolios of the region’s top three billionaires who have made all or part of their fortune in real estate.
Behind the projects that made the region’s property billionaires rich. Below are 3 of the richest real estate tycoons in the Middle East.
Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud, Saudi Arabia
Net worth: $22.7 Billion As the chief executive officer of Kingdom Holding Company, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud invests in hotels and real estate. His hotel management companies include Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Movenpick Hotels and Resorts and Fairmont Raffles Holding. He has inv…

Filipina Pimp and Two Arab Prostitutes Arrested in Kuwait

According to Al-Shahed daily, a Filipina pimp along with two Arab prostitutes were arrested by vice-squad personnel affiliated to the Criminal Investigations Department.

Flesh trade, drug trafficking, gambling and other vices are strictly prohibited in the State of Kuwait.

2 prostitutes, pimp arrested: Personnel from the vice-squad affiliated to the Criminal Investigations Department recently raided an apartment at an unidentified location and took into custody a female Filipino pimp and two Arab prostitutes and referred them to the authorities, reports Al-Shahed daily. A security source said police were tipped off about the activities of the pimp who conducted her business through the social networking website. She reportedly invited men seeking fun to her apartment - fun for KD 100 for one hour. The money was reportedly shared by the prostitutes and the pimp. Acting on this information, police sent an agent and the suspect reportedly agreed to offer him a woman. When the two prostit…

Mystery Man Give Out Krispy Kreme Donuts on 200 Filipino Soldiers

Free Krispy Kreme donuts on 200 Filipino soldiers as a treat from a mystery man only known as Dexter Koh.

According to PA Civil-Military Captain Gemira Dy posted on her FB account, a mystery man introduced himself as Dexter Koh was approached on some soldiers and ask them how many are there for the static display event of the Philippine Army's 118th Anniversary. Upon knowing that there were 200 of them, the mystery man ordered Krispy Kreme donuts immediately for everyone including outside the shop.

Dy wrote on her FB that said:
"To Dexter, from the bottom of our hearts, we are very thankful for your gesture! Words cannot comprehend enough our gratitude for citizens like you!"

The mystery man promptly left after he paid the 12 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts.

[Picture credit: Cpt Gemira Dy]

Super Typhoon Pam Strike on Vanuatu and Other South Pacific Islands

Image source: Google

Many are feared dead as super typhoon Pam strike on Vanuatu, a small republic located in South Pacific with population of 252,763 (WB).
Wind field of Cyclone Pam over Vanuatu
Image source:
The category 5 super Typhoon Pam with winds up to 270 kph (170 mph) and dumped more than 8 inches of rainfall is comparable with the storm that make havoc at Leyte, Philippines last November 2013, the Super Typhoon Haiyan, which over 2,000 people were dead.
Meteorologists compared Super Typhoon (ST) Pam with the Super Typhoon (ST) Haiyan that hit the Philippines last November 2013.
Image credit:
According to Reuters Widespread casualties are feared after a powerful typhoon battered Vanuatu overnight, triggering flash floods and knocking out telephone lines in the isolated Pacific island nation, aid officials said on Saturday.BBC News report
The death toll from a category five tropical storm that has hit islands in the South Pacific could run into the dozens, t…

Amazing Transformation: Woman Lost Weight from 444.5kg to Slimmer 90kg

Listed as one of the world's heaviest living persons, Mayra Rosales transformed from 444.5kg woman who could not walk or even get out of her bed to 90kg slimmer woman. The 34-year old woman lost about 80% of her previous weight.

Considering that she still overweight at 90 kg. (as average woman same on her height just weighs around 60 to 65 kg.), but the weight loss program that she started is just amazing. 

Though she followed strict diet and rigorous fitness exercise, Mayra also done several surgical procedures to remove and lessen her excess fats.  It's amazing how these woman find an inspiration to lose weight and become a slim lady once again. Her weight lose journey has been documented by a Spanish-language TV show Sabado Gigante. photo credit: Lollipop SG

SuperPup Video

The cute SuperPup video is gone viral. Posted by KROCK last December 16, 2014, the 00:15 seconds video clip of a cute puppy wearing the iconic Superman costume while running on a trend mill have garnered around 16 million plus views. Very creative... :)

Piggy Giving Birth to a Piglet with Two Heads

Philippines: A piglet with two heads was born in Barangay San Marcos, Dingras in Ilocos Norte last Tuesday evening as reported by abs-cbnnews correspondent.

Among with the 10 piglets, the piglet with two heads was the fourth to be born by her pet pig, according to the owner Crisanta Sabug.

She added that during delivery, they noticed that the mother pig was having difficulty giving birth to the fourth piglet, as they helped the mother pig during the delivery period. After delivering the two-headed piglet, she immediately bought into their house and fed it with milk.

Crisanta believes that the two-headed piglet will bring luck to her family. But unfortunately, the one-of a-kind piglet died Wednesday morning. And instead of burying the piglet they decided to preserved it.

The two-headed piglet had off-course, two heads, four eyes, two noses and three ears.
Arthur Cabello, a Veterinarian explains that the cause of abnormality [piglets with two heads] was the mother pig probably have suf…

Wakwak, a Bat-like Vampiric Creature Found in Pagadian

There are images of an allegedly Wakwak that being captured by soldiers in Pulacan, Pagadian City.
According to the uploader, the Wakwak or the vampiric, bat-like creature is being hit but not killed, and eventually released by the soldiers after she begged and told them that she had many children.

The Wakwak lady is from a place called Tukuran, also in Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur.

Old folks in far flung areas often described the Wakwak as a big bat looking creature with sharp teeth and claws ready to attacked any human and eat their heart. Some also says that even their wings are sharp like a knife.

The uploader of those images is certain Angging Bernacer Rhejidour, she also confirmed that the so called Wakwak is true and not only a part of Filipino Mythology [kathang-isip].

How about you, do you believe in Wakwak?

3 Goons KnockOut by a Lady

The video of 3 goons that was knockout by a lady was gone viral. It began on a discussion with the two restaurant employees, then suddenly one of the guy began throwing everything on the employee's face.

What happens next? Those thugs was put to sleep by a lady.

Some netizens says that those are actors and it's just a movie. What do you think, it's true or not? As for me, it's awesome! See the video for yourself.. :)