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Video of a Filipina Household Worker Asking for Help

A video of a Filipina named Bernadette asking for help was gone viral. The said Filipina is an overseas Filipino worker who filmed herself and asking the help of the authorities. The video was upload 17 February 2015.

Filipinos working abroad especially those working as domestic helpers or housemaids are prone to all classes of abuse, either physical, mental, verbal or sexual. In most Arab countries, there are no laws that covered household workers, unlike those skilled and professional workers.

As the video uploader Clark Felicitas wrote;

Filipinos sacrifice travelling thousands of miles away to work abroad because of the competitive salary that awaits them. But the danger is always a part of the work especially when you are a woman working in the Middle East.
An Overseas Filipino Worker filmed herself asking for the help of the authorities. She wanted to get help because of the incident that happened to her.
Bernadette have been in Saudi Arabia for almost a year now. She worked abroa…

Filipina Woman Jumps to Death from a Residential Building in Kuwait

Kuwait: An unknown Filipina woman, aged 25 to 28-years-old jumped to her death from the a residential building in Hawalli.
A Filipina woman 25- years-old jumped to her death from the a residential building in Hawalli , when the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior received information from her friend about the incident , securitymen and paramedics rushed to the location and found the woman was dead as a result of profuse bleeding , Police are investigating the incident and not ruled out foul play.

Filipina Celebrities Angers Netizens After Disturbing and Making Fun of Sleeping FX Passenger

Two Filipina celebrities angers netizens after posting a video of them disturbing and making fun of a passenger sleeping at the back of FX car - a public transport vehicle. The two Filipina celebrities are RR Enriquez and Jeck Maierhofer of TV5's show 'Happy Wife, Happy Life.'
Okay ladies and gentlemen, ang gagawing po namin is bubusina po kami para magising si kuya, an intro of the video.

The TV5 stars think that what they are doing is funny, yet netizens described them as "rude and cheap," most of all with no respect for others.

RR Enriquez and Jeck Maierhofer on their car having good time and making fun of the sleeping FX passenger in front of them. The video was uploaded by Top Gear Philippines.


7 Tips on How to Steal an LED TV Without Being Caught

On the video below, we can get some tips on how to steal an LED TV on the store without being caught by the watchful eyes of any salesperson, but be careful about those CCTVs. Sorry guys, these tips are for ladies only.
Wear an extra loose dress.Bring a sexy friend / look out who must wear a sexy outfit.Calmly walk inside the store or shop.Hold the LED TV.Quickly shove the television box inside your dress.Hold the box with your legs.Gently walk outside the store following the look-out. And oh, make sure that your legs can strongly hold and grip the LED TV for a few minutes. ;)

Video Footage Captured the Taiwanese Plane TransAsia GE235 Before Crashes into the River

According to the media report 23 killed after a Taiwanese plane TransAsia GE235 that carries 58 passengers and crews crashed into a bridge and lands on Taipei's Keelung river shortly after taking-off.

The ATR-72 turboprop aircraft with 58 onboard was flying from Taipei to the offshore island of Kinmen when it crashed into the Keelung River after apparently ramming into a highway viaduct, Taiwan's Central News Agency (CNA) said. Taiwan's United Daily News said about 10 people have been sent to hospital, and more than 40 are still awaiting rescue.The New Taipei City Fire Department has despatched five rescue teams, equipped with speed boats, to the accident site near the Nanyang Bridge in Xizhi district, CNA said. Captured dashcam footage of TransAsia GE235

Last year, 44 people also died when TransAsia Flight 222 crashed outside Penghu due to storm.


Captured Jordanian Pilot Locked in Cage and Burned Alive by ISIS

It is confirmed that the Jordanian pilot Lt. Muaz Al-Kassasbeh is dead. The pilot met a gruesome death. He was locked in cage and burned alive by the Jihadist members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria aka as ISIS.

A video circulated online showed a man clad in orange jumpsuit engulfed in flames inside a metal cage, the man was identified as Lt. Moaz Al-Kassasbeh, the captured Jordanian pilot.

Al-Kassasbeh was captured last December in Syria when his plane crashed during a bombing mission.

Jordanians launched a massive protests days after the released of the said video.

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Video of a Man Who Molested an Indian Woman on the Plane

Seen on the video below is an unidentified man who allegedly molested an Indian woman on the plane has become viral on the internet. The man touched and harassed her by inserting his fingers on the gap between the plane's seat.

And the same man ready to touch her again, as the airplane preparing for landing. And that's the time that the woman become extremely angry and started to confront to confront him and at the same time taking video of the molester.

Old man pays for molesting a girl on an Indigo flight.

The said harassment was done on the plane during an Indigo flight from Mumbai, India.

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