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Awesome Dog Saves Child Who Pretends To Be Drowning

A Golden Retriever dog saves child who pretends to be drowning. According to the uploader of the video, Charlie, the dog hates to see anyone face down in the water and always pull them out. The said dog has no training but seems  to know how to rescue people especially those who are drowning.
See the video below.

Filipina Domestic Helper Died in Kuwait after Being Attacked by a Lion

Kuwait: A Filipina Domestic Helper died after she was attacked and bitten by a lion. The said wild animal is a pet of her employer.

According to the security sources, the pet owner refuse to hand-over the lion and other wild animals to the zoo. Keeping wild and exotic animals in household as pet is not allowed in Kuwait yet young men used them to attract the opposite sex.

A Filipino domestic helper died in Kuwait days after she was attached by her employer's pet lion, a report on GMA's "24 Oras" said Thursday.
The report said that Lourdes Abejuela was brought to a hospital after she was attacked by the lion, which escaped from its cage, but she was immediately discharged.
Quoting Abejuela's friend, the report said the domestic helper, who had been working with the same employer for years, experienced headaches days after the discharge.
This reportedly prompted Abejuela's employer to bring her back to the hospital, where she died Wednesday.
The report said invest…

Playing DOTA Trash Talking Leads to Same Sex Romance

Gone are the days where playing an online game DOTA - Defense of the Ancients is just for fun.. Now, it involves romance. The viral story was first published on last July and recently upgraded by with much clearer pictures of 2 boys kissing.

The updated picture has the same caption as the first (original) one that says,
i first met him when he trashtalked me in our game and because of that bad boy attitude i tried to add him to my friends and facebook then poof <3 then na develop na hehe
According to another source, one of the boy in the picture is a top DOTA players in Batangas City and a lot of girls admired him.

Though same sex romance is gradually accepted in these predominantly Catholic country, however, it's still uncommon to take pictures of the same sex couple kissing and post it on social media sites like Facebook.

Currently there are 28.72 million of PC online gamers in the Philipines from 21M in 2012. ~

Bollywood Actress and Model Gauhar Khan Slapped by a Man for Wearing Revealing Dress

A 24-year-old man slapped Bollywood actress and model Gauhar Khan for wearing a revealing dress. Khan was slapped while shooting for the finale episode of the show India's Raw Star.

The Bollywood actress was shocked and refused to continue the shooting the India's Raw Star episode.

"Being a Muslim woman, she should not have worn such a short dress", the 24-year-old man was quoted as telling Khan.

Gauhar Khan's attacker is already arrested by the Police and a case is registered for assaulting a woman, and he will be presented in Mumbai court on Monday.