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Caught on Video: 'Flying Black Horse' in Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

In contrast with the thunder and lightning that struck in the city of Jeddah - Saudi Arabia, an allegedly silhouette of a 'flying black horse' was seen and caught on video.

While taking the video, people on the background are shouting "Allahu Akbar", means "God is the Greatest"! Subhan Allah! La Ilaha Illallah!

In the Middle East particularly in Saudi Arabia, the flying black horse is an omen, in which most people think that something bad happen in the near future.

However, most commenters of the allegedly video said that it was a hoax and the flying black horse  video in Jeddah is edited.

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Abandoned Baby Boy Found Alive After 5 Days

An abandoned newborn baby boy found alive after almost 5 days in a drain. The miracle baby boy was found by cyclists after they heard a baby crying beneath the drain.

Police from Quakers Hill Local Area Command, Sydney's west and some citizens helped each other lifting the drain's cover and eventually rescue the baby boy lying at the bottom. The boy is in the Westmead Children's Hospital and an in stable condition.

Moreover, local authorities already found and identified the heartless mother who abandoned his newborn baby boy at the M7 drain. The woman in her 30 years and also from Quakers Hill.

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To Love Somebody by Roland Abante aka Mr Bunot

Cebu - Roland Abante from Oslob, Cebu also known as “Bunot” instantly become famous when he posted video on his social media account become viral and trending. The video of him singing become viral and shared by many netizens. Btw, Bunot is a Visayan language means coconut husk.

Mr Bunot's rendition of the song To love Somebody popularized Bee Gees is awesome. He become famous that his Facebook account is flooded with request from his followers, asking him to sing their favorite songs.

Some friends and netizens even urged Roland Abante to join the ABS-CBN's The Voice of the Philippines (The Voice PH) - a famous Filipino reality television singing competition.

AirAsia Zest One-Centavo Seat Sale on Domestic and International Destinations

Manila, Philippines - AirAsia Zest (formerly Asian Spirit and Zest Air) is offering a promo of one-centavo seat sale for all their flight destinations - domestic and international.
According to AirAsia website, the seat sale promo starts on 10 of November to 16 November 2014 and the travel period will be on 10 of June 2015 to 17 of January 2016. Over 3 million promo seats are available during the said travel period.
AirAsia's all-in promo seats are available from as low as P353.81 for one-way (including airport tax, fuel surcharge and other applicable fees) from Manila to Kalibo (Boracay), Tagbilaran (Bohol), Puerto Princesa (Palawan), Cebu, Tacloban and Cebu to Davao, Cagayan de Oro.
While international flights from Manila, Cebu, Clark, and Kalibo to South Korea (Incheon/Seoul and Busan), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu), China (Macau and Shanghai) and other destinations start from P750.00, all-in, one way only.
Aside from AirAsia Zest promo of one-centavo seat sale on …