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Toilet Made of Gold as Gift

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia give his unnamed daughter a GOLDEN TOILET as a wedding gift. The king's family also reportedly spent $3,000,000 for the wedding gown of the said daughter.

The Forbes named King Abdullah bin AbdulAzis as one of the richest royals in the world. In 2011, the same Forbes magazine estimates his family's wealth to be around $21 billion. And in 2012, the Saudi King named as one of "The Most Powerful People in the World", secured on the 7th spot. And for the past 4 years, King Abdullah is widely recognized as one of "The Most Influential Muslims", among 500 Muslims.

The TOILET MADE OF GOLD as gift for a wedding is bizarre yet one of the most luxurious gift for a  wedding.


9 Year Old Kid Assault Toddlers at Daycare

As seen on video below, a 9-year-old kid assaulting toddlers at unnamed Day-Care center. The kid's act is so disturbing, he punched, bites, slaps and even kick those helpless toddlers.

Warning: The video might make your blood boils and your BP skyrockets... 

via The Movement

Philippine TV22 News Reporter Insults Aeta Tribe

Uploaded on Youtube. A local news reporter named Tommy Abile of TV22 in Olongapo City Philippines, talking about exotic foods then switched into green jokes that discriminately insulted the Aetas - one of few indigenous tribe that live in mountainous parts of Luzon.

The TV22 news host was seen laughing out loud on national television after he delivered insulting jokes that he thought it was funny.

This clips shows how a certain Tommy Abile, a so called journalist from Olongapo city openly discriminate ayta's (indigenous people) not only in Olongapo but all over the Philippines. via youtube