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Metro Manila roads are empty during Pacquiao's Fight

A youtube user Project Box posted a video of Metro Manila's empty main roads during the boxing match of Filipino Champ Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao and American Brandon 'BamBam' Rios' last Sunday in Cotai Arena, Macao.

The 'Empty Metro Manila Timelapse: The Pacquiao Effect' video shows most of Metro Manila's main roads during the said fight. And it's not only highways and main roads had a zero traffic every time Manny Pacquiao had a fight, but also during those time the country's crime rates are lesser compared on normal days.

That's how Filipinos supports and love the Pacman. Youtube

Enormous weird-looking creature found in Vietnam

A video of an enormous and strangely weird-looking amphibian creature was posted on Karapaia, a Japanese video sharing website that focus mostly on weird and out-of-this world creatures.

The video shows a huge (more than 10 meters) and sluggish weird-looking creature that was found in Vietnam. As shown on the video, it really looks like giant earthworm with gills and set of small but sharp teeth.


Update: Some netizen says that it's a whale, and people are preparing the enormous creature for a proper burial.

Gutter Oil - Made in China

Cooking Chinese food using 'Gutter Oil"?
Don't get me wrong, I love to eat Chinese food. As a matter of fact, every time I travel in Manila I'll make sure that I have a day or two just to visit any of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Chinatown.

And I'm sure (hopefully) that there's no Chinese Resto in the PH that used those kind of cooking oil (sewage or gutter oil) just to make their cuisine very delicious. :P

Video of How to Make Gutter Oil. video link