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Music Video of PSY Gangnam Style

The viral music video, Gangnam Style had more than 143 million hits on youtube. The GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일)is a South Korean comical/music video with dance-able music. ^_^ Gangnam 강남 [gang-nam] is basically 강(river)+남(south), and the term is used to refer to a wide area south of the Han River in Seoul, Korea, which includes the districts of 강남구 [Gang-nam-gu], 서초구 [Seo-cho-gu],and 송파구 [song-pa-gu]. -talktomeinkorean.comyoutube

Jungle Bird Did It Again And Scores Touchdown

Yes, the Jungle Bird did it again. This time he scores touchdown against KFC at Navy versus Notre Dame football game. ^_^ Jungle Bird or James Andrew Dudley in real life is also responsible for disrupting major events such as the Shakespeare Festival and the PGA U.S. Open. Jungle Bird is protesting Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) for supporting deforestation.