Monday, November 14

VIDEO: A Knife-wielding Arab Attacks an OFW in Saudi Arabia

Video showed an Arab man wearing a traditional dress attacks a Filipino in Saudi Arabia. The suspect escaped using his car (Mercury) that was parked nearby, also caught on video camera is the suspect's car plate number [9828 GJA].

There's no further details on what's the real motive of the attacker, meanwhile the OFW victim is out of harm now.

Sunday, October 9

Duterte: A Lunatic President or a Genius Strategist? - A must read article...

Here's a thought-provoking piece written by Jun Avelino, an OFW in Dubai. Jun posted the interesting article on his social media account regarding his opinion about President Rody Duterte's stand on foreign policy. Read on...

Duterte: A Lunatic President or a Genius Strategist?

by Jun Avelino

Duterte’s expletives against the US, the EU and the UN have made his tongue the center of the universe where global media has given much focus on, eagerly awaiting for the next blurt of swearing against the West. Being called a boon or a bane, he couldn’t care less because he is doing this intentionally and for a hell of good reasons. America cannot afford to lose Philippines as an important ally in the Asia Pacific due to its strategic location in complementing the presence of Japan (another US ally) to neutralize the expansionist behavior of Beijing, particularly in the militarization of the south china sea which is important to the west. Getting rid of the Philippines in the equation of the region’s balance of power will cripple America’s commercial, political and military grip in the Asia Pacific, thereby paving the way for China’s control with the backing of Russia. The west cannot afford such a scenario happening. On the other hand, China’s expansionist policy is being hampered by Philippines claim over part of the south china sea (or West Philippine sea). Aside from going into war as an option, diplomatic negotiation between the two is warranted. But being an ally of Russia, China will never negotiate with the Philippines if the latter remains under the influence of America.

Duterte wants to use this unique position to get the best terms of alliances from both sides of the fence, hence, the need for an independent foreign policy for the country. But having existed under the shadow of Uncle Sam for nearly a century now, Duterte needs to erase that stigma of being the puppet of America in the South East Asian region. Doing so is such a gargantuan task as US has been used to having Philippine Presidents of their choice which has kept their control and influence over our affairs unabated since our independence. As the anti-thesis (re Philo on Dialectical Materialism) to the existing order (thesis), Duterte has to destroy the whole gamut of influence and control America has in our socio-political affairs and he has to do it brutally with precision and speed (synthesis). No, Duterte never plans to leave America as an ally. He just wants the terms of alliance to be reviewed and be mutually agreed upon between two co-equal states for which we can never expect America to oblige itself given its continued treatment to our country as its vassal which hugely depends on their aids and trading relations. They think, without America, Philippines will not survive, a proposition shared by their Filipino cohorts who continue to salivate on that beautiful ass of Uncle Sam. And such mind set is best exemplified on the concerted move to replace him as manifested on the attacks and criticisms Duterte is getting from the US government, European Union and the UN in collaboration with their local minions to discredit him locally using EJKs as a camouflage.

These foreign attacks however proved useful to Duterte when he capitalized them in sending his strong revolting message across the globe. By calling Obama “son-of-a bitch”; “he can go to hell”; “America as hypocrites” “Fuck you, EU and UN”; Bank Ki Moon of UN is fool”, he has actually brought US and the two international bodies to a showdown before the eyes of the world as you can see in the international broadsheets and other global media outlets. Who do you think blinked first? In foreign relations, the gravity of insult issued by Duterte against the head of the world’s most powerful state could have resulted to an outright severing of diplomatic ties. Our ambassador in Washington DC could have been declared persona-non-grata and sent home. But amidst Duterte’s pronouncements including that of reviewing the legality of EDCA and ending the RP-US Military Exercises as response to the US attacks on his drug war policy, in a pacifying statement, the US Pentagon Spokesman Pater Cook says, "We will continue to work closely with the government of the Philippines to address any concerns they may have." America bas therefore read the real message of Duterte beyond the harsh rhetoric. With this development, Philippines can now bring US to a negotiating table to agree on new terms of alliance that is mutually beneficial between the two co-equal states. In the same manner, China and Russia will now look at the Philippines as an independent state capable of negotiating on terms of diplomatic ties on its own sans the shadow of the America.

We all know that China is a bully country based on our experience with them in our own backyard (re China’s 9-dash line claim in south china sea). But China bullied us only because we allied ourselves with America and hence, both Russia and China look at Philippines as a threat to their interest. If war between the West and Russia erupts, we will be the first to be pulverized by China. And hell yeah, America will watch our annihilation from the distance. What is awkward in our current position is that US bullied us too despite our being in alliance with them. So why allow ourselves to be used as a pawn of the two bullies? Both of these countries know that our position in the South China Sea will affect the balance of power in the area. And Duterte’s knowledge of his geopolitics and wide experience in unorthodox diplomatic maneuvering have paid off in a sense that he has successfully placed the entire world at the tip of his tongue (and middle finger too). If you read beyond the harsh rhetoric, Duterte has taken the whole world for a ride in bringing Philippines at the center stage of diplomacy in the South China Sea, not as a pawn of either bullies, but a stabilizer of peace in the area. And we can only play that role effectively if the world will look at us as an independent state with dignity and respect. This is why Duterte wants to open an alliance with China and Russia without abandoning its friendship with America – a strategic position that will give Philippines the benefits of both worlds.

So you think Duterte is a lunatic President? Well, think again. 


Thursday, September 22

An Open Letter of an American living in the Philippines to his Fellow Americans

It's known already that some mainstream media, international and local alike, are keen on spinning true reports on what's really happening in the Philippines. Feeds by bias local media, international media reported them without having a research or confirming if the said news are accurate. Ordinary Filipinos who supports the President's war against drugs cannot counter those unrealistic news, except of-course those few independent bloggers and some pro-Duterte individual like Steve Rogers, an American living in the Philippines for years who wrote an open letter to his fellow Americans telling them that the Philippines is becoming a safe country since the town Mayor took his office. Read his letter below;


To my fellow Americans and to everyone, let's get one thing straight and clear about Duterte and the Philippines...

I'm American and my wife is Filipino. My family and I were almost murdered one Christmas just outside our home in the Philippines by a group of drug pushers. My family and I are major supporters of Duterte. And if... I ever get the opportunity to meet Mayor Duterte as he prefers to be called, I will thank him for saving the lives of my family and myself.

Fellow Americans, there are no crazy murder sprees going on in the streets of the Philippines. Those who are being killed are drug pushers and addicts that resist arrest. The extra judicial killings you read or hear about in the news are the drug lords killing off their pushers before the police and government get to those drug pushers to make them talk and give up more names of more pushers and the like. If you don't believe that then you visit the Philippine Islands yourself to find out how peaceful, quiet and right out safe it's starting to become. And this is all LONG over due.

No sympathy for drug pushers or dealers. Did you know that the children of drug addicts allow their children to be raped by drug pushers just for the drugs because they can't pay for them. I love my country...but anyone who has NEVER visited the Philippines and does not understand what's really going on needs to in fact as Mayor/President Duterte has said...shut up.

Saturday, September 10

UFO Namataan sa Bansang Malaysia

Unidentified Flying Object o kilala sa tawag na UFO ay namataan sa bansang Malaysia nitong mga nakaraang araw lang at agad naman itong naging viral sa internet. Makikita sa ibaba ang mga kuha ng video ang mababang paglipad sa himpapawid ng isang higante at bilog na bagay.
Panoorin ang nasabing UFO.

Ano nga ba ang UFO?

Ang UFO (mula sa Ingles: unidentified flying object, "hindi matukoy na lumilipad na bagay") ay ang kilalang ngalan para sa kung anumang pangyayari sa himpapawid na ang bunga ay hinding-hindi agad nalalaman ng taong nagmamasid. Ang Hukbong Himpapawid ng Estados Unidos na lumikha ng terminong unidentified flying object noong 1952 ay sinasabing ang mga UFO ay ang mga bagay na mananatiling hindi alam kahit sa isa/sa mga masusing pagsisiyasat ng mga bihasang tagapagsiyasat o imbestigador..

Basahin ang buong artikulo tungkol sa UFO sa wikipedia

Wednesday, September 7

An Open Letter to Mrs Hillary Clinton From Ms Sass Rogando Sasot

Mainstream media in the Philippines are not trustworthy anymore. Most of these media hired the so called (un)'bona-fide' journos specialized in twisting real stories and report the twisted news to the public. One of the reasons why indie media, blogs, and other unconventional ways of gathering news are sprouting and gaining foothold to the sacred ground once occupied and enjoyed only by mainstream media supported by big corporations.

The few of the so called 'indie' that has an iron balls to face the mainstream media giants are Mocha Uson Blog, MindaVote, ThinkingPinoy, Duterte Today, ThinkingMindsLapu-lapu and Sass Rogando Sasot, the lady who wrote an open letter to Mrs Hillary Clinton. Read on...

Dear Mrs Clinton,
I hope this message reaches you despite your hectic schedule, as you work your way to making herstory by being the first female president of the United States.
You don't know me but we have crossed path once. You were still the Secretary of State then. Your office invited me to witness your speech on LGBT Rights on the 6th of December 2011 in Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. In fact, you received an email in your private server, informing you of the reactions of those who attended that day. I was one of those who were quoted in those emails. The emails were sent to you by Cheryl Mills and Jacob Sullivan. To jog your memory, have your staff search those emails on the website of the US State Department:….
Recently, you were quoted saying this: "When the president of the Philippines insulted our president, it was appropriate and a very low-key way to say: sorry, no meeting. We have a lot of ties between the United States and the Philippines. And I think it's very important that we have a relationship, but there has to be a certain level of respect that is expected on both sides" (
I believe you were fed with wrong information. Our president, Rodrigo Duterte, didn't insult your president, Barack Obama. The media spun it to make it look like Duterte insulted Obama. As an equal sovereign country, our president just wanted to be treated just like how George H. Bush treated Deng Xiaoping - as an equal. Bush's letter to Deng during the Tiannenmen Incident demonstrated America's humility towards another equal sovereign State (
And I quote from that letter:
"It is with this in mind that I write you asking for your help in preserving this relationship that we both think is very important. I have tried very hard not to inject myself into China's internal affairs. I have tried very hard not to appear to be dictating in any way to China about how it should manage its internal crisis. I am respectful of the differences in our two societies and in our two systems.
I have great reverence for Chinese history, culture and tradition. You have given much to the development of world civilization. But I ask you as well to remember the principles on which my young country was founded. Those principles are democracy and freedom--freedom of speech, freedom of assemblage, freedom from arbitrary authority. It is reverence for those principles which inevitably affects the way American view and react to events in other countries. It is not a reaction of arrogance or of a desire to force others to our beliefs but of simple faith in the enduring value of those principles and their universal applicability."
Why can't Samantha Power and Barack Obama show the same kind of respect to our president and our country? We are no longer your colony and on your leash.
If you want me to elaborate on this, you can ask your former aides about my email and I'd be willing to help you understand what is going on in my country. I'm not trolling you. You have worked with my former professor in Foreign Policy & Diplomacy, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer. If you want, you can verify with him who I am and the quality of my analysis.
Thank you and I hope to hear from you!
Sass Rogando Sasot