Saturday, August 20

Mayor Sara Duterte Answers Back to an Insensitive Remark from a Forensic Doctor

An insensitive twitter remark from Dr Raquel Fortun, a Forensic doctor to Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte on her triplet pregnancy.

Ah yes PR pero bago magtweet basahin mo muna yung PR ng hindi ka magmukhang dugyot na ampalya. Please take note, that public officials need to explain their absence in important events. And when I do get the heartache, it will still be a media blitz adn we defy the odds it will be a PR fiesta and you will still be Miss Bittermelon. Problema sa imuha Miss kay di ka ganahan sa Lolo manunglo ka sa mga gisabak, 3 baya ni, buot pasabot ang gaba ani katulohon pud. Turn off your twitter, do your work, mind your own business and spare yourself the heartache.

And a follow-up tweet from the Davao Mayor..

The forensic doctor, Raquel Fortun answered back using her Facebook account saying,
Came frm work havent read everything on my TL yet. I never doubted ur pregnancy Mayor Duterte I do wish you well. Had 2 miscarriages myself.

As of this write-up, a lot of netizens either pro or anti Duterte sympathize with the mayor.

Wednesday, July 27

Public Advisory: Consular Mobile Services in the Western Region for the Rest of 2016

Public Advisory No. 2016 / 38

Date: 27 July 2016

Consular Mobile Services in the Western Region for the Rest of 2016

The Philippine Consulate General in Jeddah would like to inform our Kababayans in the Western Region of the tentative schedule of consular mobile services (CMS) for the rest of the year, as follows:

Date: 26 to 27 August
Area: Najran
Venue: Okdood Hotel
Remarks: For approval of Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
Coordinator: Mr. Faisal Mailao (0502375727)

Date: 03 September
Area: Jizan
Venue:: Adnan Hotel
Remarks: For approval of MOFA
Coordinator: Ms. Rose Camacho (0502712243)

Date: 30 September to 01 October
Area: Rabigh
Venue: To be arranged
Remarks: Tentative

Date: 03 to 05 November
Area: Khamis Mushayt
Venue:To be arranged
Remarks:: For approval of MOFA
Coordinator: Mr. Ver Crisostomo (0530985194)

Date: 25 to 26 November
Area: Tabuk
Venue:: Hamdan Hotel
Remarks:: Tentative
Coordinator: Mr. Roger Mendoza (0502385325)

The Consulate General shall issue new advisories as soon as the schedule for the consular mobile services are finalized and approved by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Aside from passport renewal, notarials, PAG-IBIG, SSS, labor assistance and other consular services shall be available during the CMS.

Our Kababayans who wish to avail of these services during the CMS may contact the designated coordinators or the Consular hotline 0555219614 to confirm the schedule, have their names listed for the passport renewal or clarifications.


Saturday, July 2

Video: Another OFW's Unpleasant Experienced with Cebu Pacific Air

Stories of their experienced with Cebu Pacific Air Flight 5J 015 are slowly surfacing online, thanks to social media, even mainstream media picking up the news. Yesterday, a certain Charizza Mae posted her horrible experienced of the budget airline. Now a lady named Karen Faith Garces also posted her worst ordeal with Cebu Pacific Airline. Read it below accompanied with video.

We had a horrible experience with Cebu Pacific last June 28, 2016. I cannot think of adjectives to describe the ordeal we've undergone for around 12 hours because it was the worst airline service and such service should be known to the public.

Our flight from Dubai to Manila, Cebu Pacific flight 5J 015, was delayed for almost 3 hours last June 28, 2016, so we thought it was normal and that we've had worse (from the same airline, of course). So when we finally embarked, after 4 hours of flying, we were surprised that we had to forcibly land in Mumbai due to "engine" trouble. So we thanked our lucky stars for safely landing in Mumbai and that all 349 passengers including more than 10 children and two infants were all in breathing state and happy to be safe from the turmoil. There was no explanation from the pilot/co-pilot what the specific "trouble" was, but we later found out from the other passengers' pictures that the plane's wing was on fire (so that explained the two firetrucks). So the moment we landed they told us to wait inside the plane while they're "fixing" the engine (so I thought is this even legal? Fixing unpredictable engines while the passengers are inside?), two hours after, the passengers were getting a little uncomfortable and uneasy being riveted to their seats like hostages and getting very hungry (one viand and a cup of rice in Cebu Pacific cost 500php ). So the airline staff promised a free "meal" since all the passengers were getting a little feisty. After almost two hours of waiting for the free "meal" which was more like a snack than a meal (btw, it was one cheese sandwich and juice), we waited again for several hours since the pilot said 'they're still fixing the engine and it takes about an hour to fix it' and India immigration had a problem with us entering Indian soil since we needed to be quarantined. Obviously after an hour, they were still at it, the hour turned to two then three, so that's 7 hours in total inside the plane not knowing if the plane was going to blow up any second! So when we finally disembarked at the 8th hour, we were delighted to hear that the airline will shoulder hotel expenses as well as meals (not even thinking when our flight to the Phl was since we were all very tired and hungry, we couldn't buy anything from the airport because they needed passports and immigration has gotten hold of our passports). We waited for around 3 hours at the airport for our luggage and some "issues with immigration" and finally checked in at the hotel after around 12 grueling hours of waiting.

So now, June 30, 2016 7:15pm PHL time, we're still at the hotel, no Cebu Pacific crew has showed up to talk to us and we don't have a clue as to when we can fly back to the Philippines because honestly these passengers have important things/issues/events to deal with back home while their families are impatiently waiting for their arrivals.

We understand that passenger safety is an utmost priority for every airline but the way you treated (and still treating) your passengers was inhuman and insensitive! So thank you very much Cebu Pacific, not only did you manage to ruin our trip but you also managed to make flying traumatizing and dreadful! Now we're stuck at this hotel in India (we can't roam around the city since we don't have our passports) and we are going to let you pay for all the flights and events that we've missed, job interviews that we've missed, important issues and emergencies that we have yet to deal with and most importantly, the horrendous inconvenience and stress that you've caused us! Your incompetent service shows consistency in disappointing your clients! Shame on you! 

Friday, July 1

An OFW's Horrible Experienced with Cebu Pacific Air

An OFW's excitement turns to dismay, as 1-hour delay with Cebu Pacific Air becomes 3 days. Netizen Charizza Mae Sabusap, a first time 'bakasyonista' is so excited to come home for the first time after more than a year of working abroad. Not only that this is her first time, but she wanted to attend 2 most important occasions, her parents 25th wedding anniversary and her sister's wedding.

At Dubai Airport Terminal, their June 28 flight with the Cebu Pacific Air 5J 015 was delayed for 3-hours, and eventually take-off in the morning of June 29. But unfortunately, after 3-4 hours of flying, the pilot announced that they need an emergency landing in India due to some engine troubles.

She's so pissed-off that she wrote on her FB account an open letter to the CebuPac Management.

Dear Cebu Pacific Air,

I am an OFW and after 1 year and 9 months of hardships working abroad, this will be my first time to go back home. I've been waiting for that day, June 28 so the excitement of going home and seeing your loved ones was there. I will go home because I want to be there on my parents 25th wedding anniversary and to attend my sister's wedding as well. So I need sometime for the preparation on the said occasions. But all the happiness and excitement was turned into a horror story. And it's all because of you CEBU PACIFIC AIRLINES! I feel traumatized because of what happened. You've caused a lot of stress in me. Here are the reasons why:

1. My flight supposedly was on June 28, 11:10pm via Cebu Pacific Airlines 5J 015. I came to Dubai Airport Terminal 1 around 9pm, check in by 10pm then waiting for boarding by 10:40pm. I was happy that we will just wait for sometime to get into the plane but unfortunately, they announced that our flight will be delay for 1 hour.

2. After 1 hour, there was no announcement from Cebu Pacific about our flight so we've waited again for an hour. After 2 hours, we get into the plane but we left Dubai around 2:20am, June 29. So we've waited for a total of almost 3 hours.

3. There was no free meal given by the airlines despite of the delay. Thank God, me and my Aunt brought our own food and we were able to eat but we just brought one meal coz were just expecting for 8 hours travel. So I just asked one cabin crew for water. But this girl was not approachable and she was not even smiling. She even answered me "later". Wow! Later? She still have the guts to answer me later. I've waited for the flight for 3 hours and that made me hungry so I just asked for water. Is it hard? What kind of customer service you have?

4. While on our way to Manila, after 3-4hours of flying, the pilot announced that we need an emergency landing in India due to some engine problems. They instructed us to just sit and wait because they will just repair the engine. They keep on telling that they will just test the engine so we need to sit and put the seat belt but after almost 9 hours of waiting, nothing happened. Were just stranded inside the plane. They were also telling that they will give free meals and snacks, we just need to wait because they preparing for it. Yes, they gave free meals but they just gave small piece of sandwich and 1 small glass of soda for almost 9 f*cking hours. Wtf. Were all hungry and tired. Were all stranded inside the plane, no food, no internet so there was no communication to our loved ones from the Philippines.

5. After almost 9 hours, that was the only time they decided that we need to check in a hotel here in Mumbai, India while waiting for the other plane for connecting flights.

6. After going to the airport, that was the only time we connected to internet and talked to our loved ones in the Philippines. I feel sorry for my family who've waited for me for almost 7 hours in the Philippine airport.

7. We surrendered our passport to India Immigration then the airport staff told us to just stay there and wait for our baggage. After almost 3-4 hours of waiting, we checked in to a hotel, Orchid Hotel to be specific while waiting for a flight to Hongkong or Thailand then to Manila.

8. We had the chance to eat and sleep well but before the day ends, there was no instruction what time we need to wake up so we can prepare for check out.

We've been here for almost 2 days turning 3 days now and until now, there's no specific update from Cebu Pacific. As of the moment, there are some passengers who flew and paid on their own pocket. There are some passengers are already booked and have flight now going to Thailand then Manila. But the worst thing here, our passports were distributed to a certain person we don't even know. Very ridiculous.

CEBU PACIFIC, wake up! Please send a representative from your side who will give the exact details regarding the plan. We need assistance. We need an immediate response. Please give clear instructions and assistance from your staffs. Our time is running. 

We saved money because of your promotion but look at the inconvenience you've given us. You should pay for all of this. This is just my first time I used this airlines but this will surely be the last time. No more Cebu Pacific! WE NEED TO GO HOME ASAP!! We're very desperate here. We feel so helpless. 

The situation is very horrible. Please pray for our trip as soon as possible. PS: Thanks for the pilot for making a decision of emergency landing. God is good. We're safe.